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Microwave food curing is getting more and more attention with healthy diet becomes popular. Successful case of non-instant noodle production.

Microwave Drying Machine for Lentinus Edodes

Lentinus edodes is a kind of edible fungi which has rich nutritions and medical value. It is called “ God Food “ in America and in China people regard it as the most delicate food. Lentinus edodes are welcomed by most people for its delicious taste and rich nutrient content and now China has been the largest country for lentinus edodes producing.
However, it is hard to store. fresh lentinus edodes can be only kept for about four or five days, while dried lentinus edodes can kept for longer time. Now let me introduce our microwave lentinus edodes drying machine for you.
Main Application

Applicable for the drying and sterilization of lentinus edodes, auricularia and other edible fungi.
Operation Principle

Translate the electrical energy into microwave through the magnetron and microwave radiation acts directly on the edible fungi. The temperature of edible fungi increases to change the moisture into stem and remove from the drying chamber.

Advanced Microwave Technology for Lentinus Edodes Drying
Microwave technology has strong penetrability and can penetrate the inside of the material and dry quickly. And the low temperature sterilization can keep most of the taste and its original nutrition. Meanwhile our new microwave lentinus edodes drying equipment with mechatronics design, real time monitoring and infrared thermometry. The application of PLC touch screen controlling system and human-computer interface operation have greatly enhance the working efficiency. What’s more, the temperature can be adjusted in required temperature range.


Why Choose Our Microwave Lentinus Edodes Drying Machine
1. The machine is specially made according to the characteristics that edible fungi contains high vitamin and its drying temperature is low and the nutritions are easy to destroy.
2. Fast drying, High efficiency and low energy consumption.
3. No thermal inertia, can turn on and off instantly.
4. Safe and environmental-friendly. The microwave leakage index ≤ 1m W/cm2.
5. Easy to operate and control.
6. The machine is made of stainless steel to meet food hygiene standards and convenient to clean.

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