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Drying material with microwave energy is an attractive solution to many problems caused by traditional drying method. Finish Drying in Minutes!

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Microwave sterilizing technology can kill bacteria completely while fully keep food nutrition.Quick, Simple & Easy Sterilizing!

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Microwave food curing is getting more and more attention with healthy diet becomes popular. Successful case of non-instant noodle production.

Instant Noodle Drying with Microwave Technology

After the introduction of instant noodle production line in China, the instant noodle industry gradually produced fried and non-fried instant noodles. The fried instant noodles are popular with people because of the good taste, good rehydration, easy control of the production conditions and low manufacturing cost. Due to technical reasons, the non-fried instant noodles have bad taste and are only suitable to cook so it lost the convenience of instant noodles. The non-fried instant noodles were eliminated in the 1980-1990's. However, now people prefer to the food with low fat, sugar and salt so the non-fried instant noodles get more popularity. The non-fried instant noodles are made by the drying methods instead of frying. The traditional drying methods have some disadvantages so the instant noodle manufactures are seeking the better drying method. Now the microwave drying method has been widely used in the food industry, so does the instant noodles industry.
We have specially designed microwave drying equipment for instant noodle based on the advanced microwave drying technology.

Remarkable Features of Our Microwave Drying Equipment for Instant Noodle
1. Drying evenly with very short time, high thermal efficiency
The instant noodles absorb the microwave energy both inside and outside so they can be dried evenly within very short time. The gelatinization degree of pasta both inside and outside is further improved. And the thermal efficiency is highly increased because it does not need to conduct the heat from the outside of the pasta to the inside.
2. High quality of the dried instant noodles
The non-fried instant noodles dried by microwave have good taste and color, are smooth and elastic. It not only keeps the traditional flavor of pasta but also resists boiling and maintains the original nutrition.
3. Easy to control and operate, labor-saving
The microwave drying equipment for instant noodles is controlled by automatic PLC system, equipped with unique transmission device so that the upstream and downstream are seamlessly docked. So it can realize the assembly line work.
4. Extend the shelf life
The microwave heating has the functions of drying and sterilization so the instant noodles can keep the original nutrition and extend the shelf life.
The microwave equipment for instant noodles drying is designed to overcome the traditional drying methods disadvantages of long drying time and high energy consumption. By adopting the high technology, the leaking level can be controlled in very small grade, no radiations and damaged gas will be emitted, and no surplus heat and dust pollution will be produced.

If you have any questions or you are interested in our microwave equipment for instant noodles drying, please contact us when you free. It is our honor to offer first-class service for you.

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