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Honeysuckle Microwave Drying Solution

Since ancient times, honeysuckle has been one of the most extensively used medicine in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Honeysuckle belongs to Caprifoliaceae and its flower is white at first then turn yellow later. People use its flower, stem and leaves as a medicine of heat-clearing and detoxifying.

Health Effects of Honeysuckle
1. Honeysuckle has the effect of antibiosis and antivirus. Honeysuckle can resist against variety kinds of germs, such as staphylococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, dysentery, typhoid, diplococcus meningitidis, influenza virus and other germs. It has inhibitory effect on these germs to a great extent.
2. Honeysuckle is anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. Through injection of the honeysuckle extract can heal deep-rooted boil,intestinal carbuncle, pulmonary abscess.
3. Honeysuckle plays significant of in dispelling wind pathogens. Honeysuckle is helpful to relieve the headache, vexation, insomnia, coma and dry throat caused by wind heat.
4. Honeysuckle has good effect on lowering blood pressure and healing dysentery. It can also help to clear the summer-heat.

Traditional drying and sterilizing methods are hot wind drying and steam drying which not only take very long time but may also destroy the efficacy of honeysuckle. While microwave drying is to use microwave radiation to irradiate the inside of the honeysuckle to make the water molecules rotate in high speed and then the generated heat evaporate the water molecules inside the honeysuckle. Compared with traditional drying and sterilization methods, microwave drying equipment has the following advantages:
* High efficiency. Microwave drying honeysuckle equipment can both use in sterilization and drying process, and according to the test data, the drying rate is 8% higher than that of using air drying.
* Excellent quality. Compared with the honeysuckle processed by traditional methods, microwave drying honeysuckles are brighter in color and qualified in the bacterial content. Microwave drying can keep the initial color and efficacy of honeysuckle and can also sterilize the honeysuckle at the same time, so it is your best choice for honeysuckle drying.

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