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Drying material with microwave energy is an attractive solution to many problems caused by traditional drying method. Finish Drying in Minutes!

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Microwave sterilizing technology can kill bacteria completely while fully keep food nutrition.Quick, Simple & Easy Sterilizing!

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Microwave food curing is getting more and more attention with healthy diet becomes popular. Successful case of non-instant noodle production.

Microwave Equipment: Ideal Choice for Herb Medicine Drying

Nowadays microwave technology are widely used in various fields so does in Chinese herb medicine. Microwave drying appropriately covers the shortage of traditional drying methods and also shows its prominent features and fits the environmental protection theme.

Superiorities of Microwave Herb Drying over Hot Oven Drying
1. Drying evenly and thoroughly within short time
Microwave has strong penetrability and can directly penetrate into the inside of herbs and generate heat, thus the herbal medicine simultaneously absorbs the microwave energy both interior and exterior so they can be dried evenly and thoroughly within a very short time.
2. Selective heating, keep the original active ingredients, has good drying and sterilizing effects
The substances’ ability to absorb microwave is different. Water has stronger ability to absorb microwave than other materials so the herbs can be dried by low temperature without destroying its structure and active ingredients. During the drying process it can also be sterilized so the herb’s shelf life is largely extended.
3. Energy saving and productive cost saving
The microwave heat is directly absorbed by the herb medicine without heat loss. So the thermal efficiency is high and can save energy and productive cost.
4. Environmental Friendly
It uses the electricity and does not produce harmful gas or liquid and has no noise. So it is an eco-friendly drying technology.
5. Easy operation and high efficiency
Industrial microwave drying machine can continuously dry herb medicine so the efficiency is increased. In addition, it adopts automatic PLC control system, easy to operate and greatly improve the working conditions.
Besides, microwave drying equipment can finish drying and sterilization process simultaneously without other ancillary equipments, then the cost is reduced to some extent.

If you are interested in herb medicine processing industry, and feel herb medicine drying is a difficult problem to be solved, please feel free to contact us. We offer high quality microwave drying equipment and our professional technicians are willing to give you professional guidance and suggestions.

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